On My Mind

February 22, 2015

Several or my paintings and illustrations will be on display at the Interchurch Center, 475 Riverside Drive, NYC starting February 23rd and closing March 31st, 2015.  The curator of the show Frank DeGregorie carefully selected works from my portfolio that suited the theme of the show The Magical Realm of Children’s Book Illustrators.  Included are four illustrations from my book The Mouse And The Meadow, three pieces from EARTH Feeling The Heat, one piece from the Society of Illustrators traveling EARTH Show, and one self promotional painting.

The painting done for self promotion is based on a children’s book concept I was developing while at Syracuse University.  Frank fell in love with the image right away and insisted it be part of the show.  The only problem with that is the original oil painting sustained water damage when my basement flooded.  All I had was a low res snap shot of the artwork, good enough for online, but hardly quality enough for print.  Not wanting to disappoint I went to work on restoring the art digitally, utilizing the skills I have acquired over recent years.

Below is a copy of the revised Rockefeller Squirrel illustration.


Come see The Rockefeller Squirrel and have the chance to meet many talented people at the Opening Reception:  Thursday, March 5th  5 – 7:30pm Interchurch Center, 475 Riverside Drive, NY, NY.




I am so very honored to have four pieces accepted into the Society of Illustrators “Illustrators 56” Annual and Show!  The artwork was on display from February 5th – March 1st.  Over 400 pieces are selected from thousands of entries worldwide and showcases illustrations in the Editorial and Book categories. The Opening Reception is February 7th.  Come say hello and mingle with some of the greatest artists around!

Some background on the four pieces selected:

Sometime around 2005 I wrote a children’s book story called The Mouse And The Meadow.  I wrote it with a specific publisher in mind, one I’ve worked with in the past on several books as the illustrator.  Unfortunately, Dawn Publications avoids manuscripts where animals are highly anthropomorphized, and upon learning this, never submitted it.  In 2011 I finished Grad school at FIT, where my final project “A Children’s Book In Motion” started me in a new direction.  This experiment was based on a book I was illustrating at the time called Seahorses, written by Jennifer Keats Curtis, and published by Henry Holt & Company, featured an animated trailer where my seahorse character comes to life.  It is my belief that as Ipad and other interactive media becomes more mainstream, illustrators will be called to create books that move and engage the viewer in ways conventional books cannot.  And while print media will not be going away anytime soon, we can all agree that Ebooks and Apps is the future.  Apparently Dawn Publications agrees because not long after graduating I noticed they are experimenting with this technology.  With the encouragement of my wife I gave Mouse another look and considered if/how it could work as an interactive, animated Ebook App.  I finally submitted it to Dawn, and even though it was a bit outside their typical stylistic guidelines, they agreed to work with me.  And the Mouse And The Meadow was born!  With the help of Malachi Bazan, an animator and programmer that Dawn has in house, my vision will become a reality 2015.


 The humble rodent left the brilliant insect to her chore,
but he would need a break before proceeding to explore.
And so the tired mouse had come to rest upon a stone,
When suddenly he realized he no longer was alone…


He came upon a grassy hole, but found it occupied –
A mother rabbit caring for the babies at her side.
He counted seven bunnies, snuggled tight upon her chest,
Safe and soundly sleeping in their warm and cozy nest…


The conversation ended when from somewhere in the dark,
A stealthy bird of prey had made our meadow mouse its mark!
The fireflies were flickering, like torches on a path,
To help the fleeing mouse escape the predatory wrath!…


… A friendly band of fireflies was lighting up the sky,
Brilliant yellow flashes like the Fourth Day of July.
One of those glow bugs brightened up a nearby leaf.
“How is it you do that?” asked the mouse in disbelief…