Tall Tall Tree.  written by Anthony D. Fredericks and  Illustrated by Chad Wallace. Dawn Publications.  2017.

Selected for the 2018 Outstanding Science Trade Books list for Students K-12 by the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) and the Children’s Book Council (CBC)

Through engaging rhymes and stunning pictures, little ones experience the majesty of the natural world and the thrill of hiking among giant redwoods. They also learn about the trees’ wild neighbors and how to count as they pick out one “soaring” eagle, two “brown and spotted” owls, all the way up to ten ladybugs on “teeny tiny feet.” Chad Wallace’s light-filled illustrations realistically portray the ecosystem of the northern California coast, while zooming in on intriguing details such as the red caps of acorn woodpeckers and the soft yellow bodies of banana slugs. In addition to the pithy poems of the text, Anthony D. Fredericks provides four pages of fun facts about the trees and animals, as well as playful STEAM-related activities.

Mary Quattlebaum Washington Parent, November 2017

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Mighty Mole and Super Soil.  Written by Mary Quattlebaum and  Illustrated by Chad Wallace. Dawn Publications.  2015.

In an underground world unknown to most people, moles thrive. With long, sharp claws, they move heavy objects out of the way and dig quickly through the soil. They encounter rivals for their food – earthworms, insects, snails, slugs, centipedes, and larvae – and many creatures helped by the healthy soil. Predators, such as snakes, are close but rarely a big threat to moles. The soil moles live in is alive with nutrients and microscopic creatures. Moles are even born underground, where they have everything they need. The story is compelling and well-researched, and contains many relevant facts.

Vivid illustrations give a genuine sense of living in the underground. Kids will feel like they’re with the moles – in a comfortable way.

In the “Explore More – For Kids” section, second graders are challenge to think about the world they just learned about. “I’m a reptile that can grow up to six feet long.” A list of super powers demonstrates why the star of the book is called Mighty Mole and is a superhero. In “Explore More – For Teachers and Parents,” learning activities are outlined and encouraged. Online resources are cited for more learning and activities.

Sue Poduska – 2nd Grade Reader

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The Mouse And The Meadow.  Written and  Illustrated by Chad Wallace.  Dawn Publications.  2014.

Chad Wallace has created both an exciting, educational adventure and the endearing little critter with big brown eyes who is the adventurer. His little meadow mouse leaves “the comfort of his mother’s nest” to explore his teeming world from its “tangled reeds” to its “flowers, leaves, and weeds” to “a patch of rotting wood”. Along the way he talks to insects, mistakes a box turtle for a rock, is saved from a snake by a weasel, is comforted by a rabbit, and is rescued by an equally endearing little female mouse with whom he chats profoundly under a full moon, ending the book on a happy note and with a question mark

Go to to download the free 3D pop up app and sample pages from the book to test run it on. Even if your primary experience of nature is at DisneyWorld, you don’t want to miss this one. SHOP FOR THE BOOK” – Spirit Connection New York, Anna Jedrziewski, March 9, 2014

“The pleasant, rhyming text and stunning natural illustrations of The Mouse and the Meadow, all by Chad Wallace, introduce young people to the environment of the meadow not only with a story designed to appeal to children but also with scientific concepts which are entirely accurate.” – Home School Book Review, March 1, 2014

“The book is written in rhyme, which my students, (much to my delight) picked up on right away. The publisher, Dawn Publications, specializes in creative non-fiction picture books and book-apps for children that meet educational needs including Common Core and science standards. They remain true to their motto of “Connecting Children with Nature”.” – Teachers With Apps, February 27th 2014

Seahorses.  Written by: Jennifer Keats Curtis, Illustrated by: Chad Wallace. Henry Holt & Company (A division of Macmillan).  2012.

Named to the National Science Teacher’s Association and Children’s Book Council’s Outstanding Science Trade Books 2013 list.

“Digital images combine naturalistic elements with dramatic luminescence in this story that follows a male seahorse through its life cycle.” – Publishers Weekly, August 6, 2012

“The dreamy digitally created illustrations take readers underwater to the small creatures’ habitat. These fascinating fish come to life and even seem to have a bit of personality in this lovely book.” – School Library Journal, September 2012 – Heather Acerro, Rochester Public Library, MN

“From the scene showing hundreds of baby seahorses released from their father’s pouch to close-ups of one particular baby as he grows to maturity, the illustrations’ soft edges, gentle colors, and filtered light give the digital illustrations a certain visual charmbeyond their value in providing information.” – Booklist, September 2012 – Carolyn Phelan

EARTH Feeling The Heat, Written by: Brenda Z. Guiberson, Illustrated by: Chad Wallace.  Henry Holt & Company (A division of Macmillan). 2010.

“Wallace provides additional emotional resonance with soft-focus scenes of depressed-looking creatures in natural settings enhanced by dark lighting and subtly modulated colors.” – Kirkus Reviews, January 1, 2010

“From a polar bear in the Arctic to a butterfly on a Californian prairie, this handsome picture book shows the threat of global warming, one creature at a time.” – Booklist, November 1, 2010. — Hazel Rochman

Wake Up, Bertha Bear!  Written by:  Chad Mason, Illustrated by:  Chad Wallace.  Down East Books.  2005.

 Mirounga’s Pup  Written by: Sherry Shahan, Illustrated by:  Chad Wallace.  Richard C. Owens Publications.  2005.

Little Panda  Written by:  Sherry Bowen, Illustrated by:  Chad Wallace.  Richard C. Owens Publications.  2003.

Earth Day Birthday  Written by:  Pattie Schnetzler,  Illustrated by:  Chad Wallace.  Dawn Publications.  2003.

“Sing this book to the tune of “The Twelve Days of Christmas” and you will follow the behavior of twelve North American species in their natural environment. The illustrations are gorgeous and it ends with a quick Earth Day history and a set of “gift” ideas you can present the Earth with at an Earth Day birthday party! ” – Laura Renauld BlogI’ve Got A Book For That!

Pass The Energy Please!  Written by:  Barbara Shaw McKinney, Illustrated by:  Chad Wallace.  Dawn Publications.  2000.

Poetry For Young People:  Henry Wadsworth Longfellow  Edited by:  Frances Schoonmaker, Illustrated by:  Chad Wallace.  1998.